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    Russian man accused of hacking US election apprehended in Spain

    April 10, 2017 Madrid—An alleged Russian hacker has been detained in Spain at the request of American authorities, an arrest that set cybersecurity circles abuzz after a Russian broadcaster raised the possibility it was linked to the US presidential election.Pyotr...
    Giraffes facing "silent extinction", warn conservationists

    Giraffes facing “silent extinction”, warn conservationists

    Giraffe's, nature's gentle giants, are dying at a "devastating" rate and could face extinction if current conditions continue, according to a report released Thursday on worldwide animal populations. Its numbers have dropped from around 155,000...
    Court denies DOJ request to reinstate travel ban, for now

    Court denies DOJ request to reinstate travel ban, for now

    Appeals court denies Justice Department's request to immediately reinstate President Trump's travel ban. A federal appeals court denied a Justice Department appeal early Sunday morning that asked the court to immediately restore the Trump administration’s...

    Lebanon’s dual approach to Syrian refugees: the personal and political

    April 4, 2017 Saadnayel, Lebanon—In a quiet field on the outskirts of this Bekaa Valley town, dozens of children under age 13 are attending classes in several wooden schoolrooms erected beside a newly built...

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