A Mexican teen has more than one million people who say they’ll attend her 15th birthday party – thanks to her father’s invite, which has gone viral on Facebook.

Rubi Ibarra’s parents posted a video on Facebook inviting one and all to the party on December 25 in the rural town of La Joya in Mexico’s north-central San Luis Potosi state.

But they neglected to make the event posting private, instead creating a public event to which 1.2 million people have RSVPed, with another 375,000 saying they are “interested” in going.

The invite has inspired its own subgenre of internet humour, including memes imagining Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and US president-elect Donald Trump striking a deal over the party and a parody video starring the Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal as Ibarra’s father.

The Ibarra family has since clarified that the invitation applies only to friends and acquaintances.

Authorities in San Luis Potosi have promised to tighten security on roads leading to La Joya and said they had contacted the family to help with planning the event.