There’s a new trailer for Natalie Portman’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis biopic Jackie, and it offers an extended look into actress’ buzzworthy performance — as well as an emotional reenactment of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

In latest trailer, we hear more of Portman’s voice replicating Kennedy’s affected dialect. “People like to believe in fairytales,” she says. “I believe that the characters we read about on the page end up being more real than the men who stand beside us.”

Gunshots ring out, and the trailer jumps to moments after the president’s assassination as a bloodied Jackie holds her husband’s body. “I’m saying, ‘Jack, Jack, can you hear me,’” the mourning wife recalls.

The movie follows Kennedy as she struggles to accept her husband’s death while simultaneously maintaining her public appearance and helping to shape Kennedy’s presidential legacy. “I lost track somewhere, what was real, what was performance,” she says.

“There are many books, there are many interviews [with Jackie]. And she edited her interviews,” Portman told InStyle at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this year. “I think that was most helpful because there are big sections that are deleted and it says, ‘This portion has been deleted by Jackie,’ and it gives you a little imagination where you can kind of fill in these blanks, and it’s kind of a detective story … imagining what she wouldn’t want out there [in the media].”

The divide between the First Lady’s public and private personas is touched upon in the moving trailer as well. “I’m guessing you won’t allow me to write any of that?” a journalist asks her.

“No, because I never said that.” Watch the hauntingly good new trailer at top.