Allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election have raised lots of questions, from why so many Trump team members met with the Russian ambassador prior to inauguration day, to whether Moscow hacked any key party groups besides the Democratic National Committee.

But there’s one crucial uncertainty that’s perhaps been lost in the partisan wrangling over Russia’s actions: What is the US going to do when they try it again?

Because Russia is almost certain to repeat its efforts to undermine American voters’ faith in their electoral system, according to US officials. Why shouldn’t it? The Vladimir Putin regime appears happy with the way covert and overt techniques have worked so far.

Countering this unprecedented attempt at influence may require an equally unprecedented whole-government American response. According to experts, that could involve everything from better cyberdefense and more public exposure of hacking to a US-run debunking website devoted to the exposure of…

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