JC Penney customer’s racist tirade caught on video? In a viral Facebook video posted Tuesday that has been shared more than 170,000 times, an older woman can be seen delivering a racist tirade that lasts longer than 80 seconds.

The woman told the Hispanic woman: “Speak English. You’re in America. If you don’t know it, learn it.”

The video was taken by Facebook user Renee Buckner on Tuesday.

“Storyline: This Hispanic lady was purchasing items and the transaction was almost complete, then her friend brings up some shirts to be added to her purchase instead of getting in line,” Bucker wrote. “And this lady went off!!! Warning explicit language FYI…this wasn’t the entire scene, people tried to let her know it was out or order, but she wasn’t hearing that.”

Officials from the Jefferson Mall released this statement about the incident at the time the video surface on the Internet:

“We are deeply disturbed by the incident that took place at our Jefferson Mall store, in which one customer made extremely inappropriate remarks to two other customers while standing in the checkout line,” the Jefferson mall press release began. “We regret that innocent bystanders – both other customers and a JCPenney associate – were subjected to such discriminatory remarks. We absolutely do not tolerate this behavior in our stores, and we are working with our associates to ensure any future incidents of this nature will be addressed quickly and appropriately. In the meantime, JCPenney remarks, is asking for the community’s help in identifying the two women who were targeted for such remarks, as we would like to reimburse them for their entire purchase and offer a sincere apology for their experience.”

The Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer also gave a statement to local news.

Mayor Fischer said: “I am sad and disappointed to see conduct like this, when one person so dehumanizes another human being. This is not who we are, and on behalf of our community, I apologize to the two women who were treated in such a horrible way. I hope this video prompts many discussions among families as they gather for the holidays this week – discussions about basic human values, dignity, and respect. As a country of immigrants, we must understand that we only move forward through peace, acceptance, and embracing those who are different from us. These are basic American values protected in our Constitution, values embraced in this welcoming, compassionate community.”

WARNING: This video contains explicit language.

Check out the footage from this shocking video below:


  1. I can’t believe more people didn’t come to the defense of these two ladies. There’s no way I could have listen to that without telling this woman how rude, insensitive and down right racist she was being. I’ve would have let her know immediately that l didn’t agree with her comments and would have told her to be quiet. The fact that no one really said anything to stop the abuse is very frightening. However, if asked l’m sure many would have confessed to being Christians. WWJD!

  2. I am shocked,sadden by this abuse this white woman is doing to this Hispanics ladies. This country white people stole from the Indians. She is the one sounding like a nobody. She will run into the wrong one that won’t stay quiet.