“Take off your shoes!” This phrase came to me as I thought about global warming. It seemed an odd idea at first, but I recognized it as part of the Bible story in which Moses sees a burning bush, so I looked up the passage.

In Exodus 3, the story begins with Moses going about his daily work shepherding the family’s flocks. As he moves the livestock across the desert, he comes to “the mountain of God,” where he sees a bush burning but “not consumed.” Pausing to look more closely, he hears God asking him to take off his shoes because he’s standing on holy ground. Then Moses hears God’s direction to lead the Israelites out of slavery, with the assurance that God, the great “I AM,” will always be with them.

I found this account to be a wonderful inspiration in regard to caring for the earth. Moses’ journeys to “the mount” seemed symbolic to me of the need to start lifting my thoughts higher, to God – our creator, or Spirit, to use some common biblical terms. From this…

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