A teenager unearthed a 7.44 carat diamond in Arkansas on March 11.

According to a press release by Arkansas State Parks, 14-year-old Kalel Langford, of Centerton, was visiting Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Kalel and his parents reportedly arrived at Arkansas’s diamond site on the afternoon of Saturday, March 11. By the end of the day, he had registered the 7th-largest diamond found at the Arkansas State Park since 1972.

The release states that Kalel was walking near the East Drain, in the southern portion of the park’s diamond search area, when he spotted the shiny, dark brown gem. The diamond weighed in at 7.44 carats.

According to the release, 97 diamonds have been registered at Crater of Diamonds State Park so far in 2017, weighing a total of 26.84 carats. Three other diamonds weighing at least one carat have been registered this year, including a 1.45-carat yellow diamond that was found earlier in March.

In total, over 75,000 diamonds have been unearthed at the Crater of Diamonds since the first diamonds were found here in 1906 by John Huddleston, a farmer who owned the land long before it became an Arkansas State Park in 1972.